ASP.Net Interview Questions

The below Interview questions are most frequently asked questions in interview for mvc developer/ full stack developer profile

C# Questions

  1. OOP’s in C#
  2. Types of Class?
  3. What is inheritance? types of inheritance
  4. What is abstract class? why we use?
  5. What is interface? why we use?
  6. does C# support multiple inheritance?
  7. what is generic class?
  8. Can we have multiple catch statement with try?
  9. Is it necessary to override virtual method?
  10. Difference between dynamic and var keywords?
  11. Difference between var and out keywords?

ASP.Net MVC / ASP.Net Questions

  1. What is .Net Framework? Latest .Net Framework?
  2. Types of State in ASP.Net?
  3. What is MVC? Explain Routing in MVC.
  4. Difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData
  5. What is Filters in MVC?
  6. Validations in MVC
  7. How Models used to generate Data in mvc?
  8. Difference between Database First, Code First and Model First Approach in MVC?
  9. Types of ActionResults in ASP.Net MVC?
  10. What is Partial View?
  11. In Ajax Call If we set async : False then what will happen? or What does “async: false” do in jQuery.ajax()?

JavaScript/ jQuery Questions

  1. Difference between JavaScript and jQuery? which one is fast?
  2. Selectors in jQuery?
  3. How to add/remove element into Array object in jQuery?
  4. what is each() function?
  5. loops in JavaScript?

SQL Server Questions

  1. Types of Join in SQL Server?
  2. Datatypes in SQL Server?
  3. Difference between stored procedure and function?
  4. What are the Aggregate function in SQL Server?
  5. What is Temporary table in SQL Server?
  6. Does foreign key contain “0” or “null” value?
  7. Difference between Primary Key and Unique Key?
  8. What is Trigger in SQL Server? Use of Triggers?

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